Collection: Plus Size

Our goal is to always provide size inclusive gear. The right to a great sweat no matter your workout level is a major benefit of our sauna vest and belts.
All of the below items are available in plus sizes. Scroll down to Shop. Keep reading for a shopping guide. 

Looking for a sweat? Try The Body Bomber Sweat Belt! Fits small-8x waist & also works as a waist trainer. Fits comfortably under scrubs etc for use outside of workouts.  Just choose your t shirt size,  The Body Best also fits up to an 8x. Both are available in combos. To target you lower half we recommend the Stallion Bands(fits small-6x)

Waist Train? Check out The Body Bomber or Double Up Mamba in black (fits small- 6x waist)

Need more suggestions? Email us or click  the chat icon below.  For size chart see the item's product description or swipe through the product's images.