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About The Body Fix Co


Mission Statement  To  promote a comfortable and confident workout experience. An experience that is totally natural & beneficial to your Body.  We commit to providing premium  weight loss & skin rejuvenation options for the everyday women and man.  We vow to  always center our products around size inclusiveness, body positivity, natural revitalization  & self empowerment. 

Who Are We ?The Body Fix is a team of primarily  plus size, committed and caring individuals who are striving to empower individuals as well as ourselves to a healthier lifestyle. We work to ensure that everyone using our products will move closer to becoming the person they want to become and achieving the goals they want to achieve comfortably.

What do We Sell?

The Body Fix Co.  provides quality all natural methods for  weight loss , weight gain , skin discoloration , better sleep, natural enhancements and so much more! We also offer a size inclusive selection of   sauna & contouring garments SMALL-8X.  We always shoot to offer our valued customers with  reasonable prices and prompt customer service!

Our overall desired goal is to give the individual the confidence and security to feel good in their own skin and to let our clients become the best possible versions of themselves! In providing this service we will help guide and give knowledge on how to properly shop for our items, the correct way to use the body garment, and properly care for and maintain the garment. This unique personalized experience which will be tailored to each individual customer will help with maintaining a proper diet and physical activity which is a key factor in being successful in their journey. This journey will embody you to have self-motivation, to look your best, and most important feel beautiful inside and out! 

Maci , creator of The Body Fix Co. 

Premium Material

We guarantee premium size inclusive garments designed with your body in mind.

Quality Herbs, Butters & Oils

We guarantee fresh quality supplements. Handpicked herbs from one of the largest herb farms in the world. Made with your every day life in mind.

The Results Are Undeniable

98% see results week 1 of consistent use.

Our Guarantee

Easy Exchanges & Transparent Shipping Expectations. Need it fast?Shop Items That Ship Same Day!