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Journaling & Planning helped my natural weight loss journey with PCOS

Journaling  & Planning helped my natural weight loss  journey with PCOS

Lets journal Bodied Babe.

Journaling has helped me so much on my journey to finding me and achieving my weight loss goals.  Writing has always been my outlet. Sometime i openly journal on Facebook. Yep my statuses are sometimes my journal entries & testimonies.  While creating this brand  and fighting through some things i looked up and  found myself with eyes on me! A few eyes who look up to me. For that reason I like to be real and transparent as possible. Im not perfect and want them to know they don’t  have to be perfect in order to be successful , lose weight , etc. I also like to see my statuses pop up in my memories to encourage myself. I love to compare the growth. I love to remind myself.  Especially post or entries about my weight loss journey. My emotions, stress and personal issues were causing my health issues to spiral out of control. Get ahold of your mental health and happiness if your long term goal is to maintain any weight you lose and maintain better health. Its easy to get it off with quick fixes and diets. Trust i tried lots. This has been a rollercoaster ride. You know what worked? Dealing with my mess, BIG FAITH & consistency.  Its hard to keep it off when your brain is still boggled with stressors though. No sir. No mam. Release that. 

(Now we know you cant blog about everything on Facebook. For private stuff I keep a journal. You can use the notes on your phone etc.  Just  get it out )

Stress = poor health. Stress can and will affect your weight.  Whether you get it  out publicly or privately. Write. Release by writing & Learn from you. Therapy is good too i hear. Im working toward starting before this year is out.  I believe my Journey would've definitely been easier with a therapist. 

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Healing my hurts helped me shed pounds. I faced all my giants. Everything that i ever hurt about was written or talked about. This set me free. Check out this article i found, Maci

 "How Can Journaling to Heal Help?"Journaling to heal provides an outlet for healing and expression that you can engage in anytime, anywhere. Journaling is a simple and inexpensive tool that can help you in the following ways:

  1. Journaling provides a space for you to reflect on your thoughts and emotions. When you write down your thoughts, you can better understand them and identify patterns that may be affecting your mental health.
  2. Journaling helps you gain perspective. Writing down your experiences and feelings can help you step back and see the bigger picture. It can also help you gain a new perspective on old problems.
  3. Journaling can be a cathartic experience. When you journal about feelings, especially related to journaling grief, you may experience a release of pent-up emotions. This can be especially helpful when you are dealing with strong emotions related to grief, stress, or trauma.
  4. Journaling promotes mindfulness. When you journal, you are in the present moment, focused on your thoughts and feelings. This can help you develop mindfulness, which can lead to improved mental and emotional well-being.
  5. Journaling allows you to track progress. Journaling can help you track your progress over time, whether you are working towards a specific outcome or trying to better manage your mental health. You can look back on your past entries and see how far you have come on your journey toward healing.

1. Identify and Understand

The first step in understanding your emotions is identifying them. You could spend years thinking you’re angry at someone because of past events. Yet when you write and reflect on those events, you might discover you’re not angry at all. Maybe you’re actually feeling hurt. Maybe you are envious or feel misunderstood.

Sometimes discussing events with other people can be confusing. Their memories of what happened and yours could be different. This freedom allows you to reflect honestly. Having a photographic memory is not the point. Getting the lessons you need for personal growth is what’s important.

As you write about events in your journal, you can break down every part of the experience as needed. Seeing the steps that led to a circumstance and examining how the situation unfolded can provide important insights. 

2. Gain Awareness

How do you care for your emotional health? Do you eat a healthy diet and get enough exercise? Do you attempt to work through interpersonal conflicts, or do you try to ignore them and bury your feelings? Some of your responses may be automatic. There may be things you are not even aware of doing.

Journaling for healing provides a safe place for examining your actions and reactions. When you journal without judging or criticizing yourself, you can become more aware of your own negative and positive behaviors. Through this method of self-discovery, you can adjust your behavior which can contribute to your healing.

3. Process and Accept

When something upsetting happens, it can feel like the end of the world. Intense feelings begin to decrease as your brain filters through the information. This exercise is the natural flow of “processing.” 

Some people avoid or deny uncomfortable feelings. Avoidance doesn’t allow your brain to process. When you don’t process your emotions, it can result in feeling stuck. Your emotional reaction to a past event may be just as intense today as it was initially if you don’t allow yourself to work through feelings.Journaling supports the need to process things emotionally. By journaling about feelings or events, you are no longer avoiding them. Confronting your true emotions helps you begin to more fully accept your reality." READ MORE HERE 

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How do I start a healing journal? Im working on us a journal as we speak Bodied Babes! Til then Here are a few suggestions. 
Steps to creating  a Healing Bodied Babe  journal:
  • Decide what type of journal you'll have? Written or digital like your phone notes  for example or maybe a diary app. (Remember  to Use apps like fitness pal to journal and log fitness related activities  . )
  • Start your journey from where you stand right now.
  • Don't judge you, just let the words flow. 
  • Be thankful by with writing down gratitude daily. What are you thankful for?
  • A journal doesn't have to be written you can vlog (video)
  • Create a Sacred Space for Writing
  • Refrain From Self-Blame or Self-Criticism
  • Think and Reflect
  • Create and Prioritize the Time for Journaling
  • Read What You Wrote afterwards and  annually
  • Create a Plan for Managing Distressing Negative Thoughts & Feelings you have after journaling.
  • Remember to also write in your planner daily. This helps avoid stress and also makes more time for relaxing things like reading walking & journaling. Try to always jot down your Meal Plans, Fitness Plans, Etc for the week ahead. 

20 weight loss  journal topics to get you  started !

  1. Why do you want to lose weight?
  2. What’s an achievable weight loss goal?
  3. What important decisions will I make today to achieve my weight loss goal?
  4. How do you envision your life once you reach your weight loss goal?
  5. How do you envision your life if you don’t reach your goal?
  6. How is your identity related to your weight gain?
  7. What’ve you learned about yourself since you started losing weight?
  8. How does excess weight gain affect your mental health?
  9. How do you feel about yourself right now?
  10. What’re you most afraid of?
  11. What changes have you made in your life to lose weight? Did it work? Why or why not?
  12. What did you do today that helped you lose weight?
  13. How much water did you drink today?
  14. Do you have any food rules? What are they and why?
  15. What was your favorite physical activity this week?
  16. How much physical activity do you do per week (outside work)?
  17. How are you feeling about your progress so far?
  18. What’re the three biggest changes you’ve made to improve your health and well-being?
  19. What’re the three biggest challenges you’ve overcome?
  20. When do you remember  your weight becoming an issue for you? 

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