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Bodied Babe Accountability Beads drop at 9am

New! Accountability Waist Beads Drop at 9am


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 small-3x also available in the Reloaded Body Beast 


***Please be advised your bust measurement is of most importance,  for this particular product. Please measure in inches with measuring tape and compare it to the bust measurements below(not your bra size).  If you are unable to measure you can choose your t-shirt size, but the correct fit is not guaranteed. Measuring gives you a custom fit & best results. 

Can be worn with or without exercise
Burns 150 calories per hour without exercise
Sauna heat action
Slims and trims your appearance instantly
Adjustable Velcro closure for a firm fit
Hand washable
Burns belly & back fat
Reduces & shrink waist size
Sheds water weight
Adjustable straps
Allows ab muscles to be more visible
Spot trains stomach, waist & back
Works immediately
Great for working out
Wear under clothing
Increases blood circulation
Keeps muscles nice & warm
Supports lower back for weight lifting
Airport Friendly
Comfortable for bedtime, shopping & doing household chores

FAQs-The Body Beast

Does It Work & How? Choosing a gym-ready top that intensifies your workouts can certainly give you a confidence boost and motivation to work out more! This vest is an all in one posture corrector with back support, sports bra, and sweat belt! Published Neoprene technology reports prove that this material burns 150 calories per hour without exercise. The Sauna heat action slims and trims your appearance instantly. The Sweat Enhancing Thermal Vest intensifies perspiration in your core by up to 3 times more than regular gym-clothing

Do I have to work out to see results? For the best results, you need to be active! This means housework, chair exercises (wheelchair workouts), gardening, walking, dancing, etc. It can also be worn without exercise, but you will not get the same results. Get moving! The results will be more than worth it!

Is It Comfy? The vest will fit comfortably around your midsection, from your shoulders, down to your waistline. The Body Beast gives you back support, and posture correction during your workouts, easy to put on, and stays on with no sliding, thanks to the wide straps and zip-closure!  Adjustable Velcro closure for a firm fit.

How do I care for it? Hand wash. Hang to Dry. It soaks up your sweat as well so we suggest washing at least once weekly with mild detergent. 

Is this product for men & women? Yes, this product is Unisex. Men prefer this garment over the Reloaded Body Beast. 

How long can I wear them? We only recommend up to an hour of use for sauna vest and sauna tops to prevent overexertion and dehydration. We have lots of customers who use them for longer, but as a safety precaution, we ask that you adhere to this recommendation.

How do I know what size to choose? Please choose your T-shirt size. Sauna tops should be comfy and allow room for exercise. Not snug or tight like a waist trainer.  If you have a large bust or a very large tummy please measure and compare to our size chart to get full lower belly or "fupa" coverage. To guarantee you choose the correct size and avoid an exchange we strongly encourage you to measure. 



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  all items may or may not have logo


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