Bodied Sauna Suit


Bodied Sauna Suit

Suit up and slim down by trapping body heat with our one-of-a-kind Sauna Suit.

Our Sauna Suit’s innovative design keeps heat around your full body to enhance the results of your workout.   The suit fits comfortably and can be worn under your usual workout wear, or alone. Strategically created to intensify sweat levels and deliver incomparable water weight loss results. The suit is an essential tool to get the most out of your  workout.

  This suit feels like a natural progression to your workout.  This is the signature product in our  sauna suit collection and a fan favorite of all of our Bodied collection. It's perfect  for women to shed water weight, or simply use to amplify your current workout.  The sauna suit  is the staple of our  apparel.  Try our  suits today.  We promise you will love the results! 
  • SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN: scientifically proven to contribute to a significantly increased metabolism (20.8%) and to facilitate greater weight loss (40.4%) when compared to exercise performed under similar conditions with no sauna suit clothing.
  • SAFE & EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE: Created with flexible 2.5mm elastic neoprene fabric. Mesh ventilation zones in the underarm and inner leg sections add comfort and breathability, without losing the body heat essential to maximize sweat and enhance calorie burning. The sauna suit will create a sweet sweat, increase your metabolism, burn more calories, increase your mental and physical toughness, detoxify your immune system, and increase flexibility therefore decreasing the likelihood of injury.
  • COMFORT & CONVENIENCE: Features a convenient front zipper for ease, zipper protection flap for comfort and it's triple reinforced stitched for superior durability and long-term use.  At the same time the Sauna Suit boasts the most fashionable style on the sauna suit market!
  • EXTREMELY VERSATILE: The sauna suit is the perfect compliment for the best weight loss and dieting, weight lifting and strength training, CrossFit, yoga, and all other exercise!. 
  •  Note, please reference the size chart image before choosing a size. If you do not fit into an exact sizing category on the chart, it is best to lean more toward your weight and chest measurement to ensure the clothing will not fit too tight. Remember, any sizing issues are honored by our 30 day return/exchange policy!

Key Features:

  • Flexible elastic neoprene fabric
  • Triple reinforced
  • Comfortable fit
  • Specifically designed to move with you through any type of exercise


  • Increased metabolism
  • Increased flexibility
  • Immune system detox
  • Calories burned
  • Increased mental and physical toughness

Care Instructions:

The best way to wash and care  is by rinsing it off with water and letting it hang dry. This can even be done in the shower after a workout for convenience. You can occasionally machine wash and dry it (using regular laundry detergent). Hand rinsing ensures longevity of the clothing.

Safety Message:

Do not overexert yourself. Stop exercising immediately and consult your doctor if you experience pain or tightness in your chest, irregular heartbeat, shortness in breath, or if you feel faint, nauseous, or dizzy. Before starting this or any exercise program, consult a physician or health professional. Make sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after exercising. 


This item runs small please measure your waist & hip. Order based on the largest size!  For example: Susie's waist measures at 36 inches(5X) and her hip measures at 43(3X). Susie would choose the highest size out of the two.  Based on her measurements Susie  needs a 5x. Still have questions? Email us at

size bust(inches) hip(inches) waist(inches)
S 24 in 34 25
M 27 37 26
L 29 38 28
2X 31 41 32
3X 33 43 33
4X 35 45 35
5X 37 46 36.5
6X 38 48 38


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The Body Fix holds itself to the highest standards with each item you purchase from us!

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