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Our CEO & Founders Are Doing It Too!

Our CEO & Founders Are Doing It Too!

“She’s making silly faces and oh so happy because her mommy decided to make a change and the twinkle in her eye is a little brighter! Hi, I’m Jamacia, CEO  of The Body Fix! We’re locally owned & operated in the wonderful city of Jackson, MS! On the left pic,  I was depressed & stressed! I was trying to work as a school nurse, jump off THE BODY FIX business, and had just lost my grandmother that I’d helped my mom care for. I also suffer from both #pcos and #hashimotos. Weight loss seemed unattainable for me at the time, but God said differently. I rebelled against what society, doctors, and my body was telling me. I quit my job, stepped out on Faith, and dug deeper into THE BODY FIX. Then, I created BODIED BREW and THE BATTLE TOP™️. Shortly after I lost a close childhood friend. His death made me realize how quickly life could come to an end. Since then, I’ve gotten a bit more serious and the results are starting to show. I intermittent fast and only eat during an 8-hour window most days & sip my Bodied Brew several times a week! Even if I don’t work out I strap up in some form of Bodied Gear while doing chores, walking my dogs, and whatever else comes about. I’ve created so many more products that I’ve been using and we will roll it all out very soon!  I’m a plain around the way girl from Mississippi. I’m No fashion guru, no celeb friends or hookups, nor do I have a major platform. However, I’ve been where you are and I know where you & I are going. We are on this lifelong journey together and better health is on the way! It’s happening for me right now! It can happen to you too. While  I was in that dark place I had a mission to still help others. Trust the process. I promise to offer more guidance in the future. My journey has not been pretty. I've been obese my entire adult life and experienced periods of being overweight as a child. Honestly, I’ve started & stopped more times than I can count on both hands. I must admit that I’ve been shy about my journey, but our customers & followers inspire me daily, to just be adamant and consistent with being me and being comfortable wherever I am in my weight loss journey. Thank you all for helping us keep this a no-judgment zone. Hopefully, this platform has grown into a safe place for all of you guys to be comfortable sharing your journey. For others it takes time. It took a good bit of time for me as well, but I’m here☺️. Special thanks to each of you! My sweet as pie customers & followers! We are almost 100k STRONG🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽! Y’all are the best! You guys make us go harder daily in our business & on this Fitness Journey! I’ve started to add more exercise to my journey and we’re working on nutrition & weight loss coaching certifications as we speak! Charles(my husband), is working on virtual personal training & DVDs. Our mission is to Battle Obesity with one piece of gear at a time, but we have much more coming & always will! I’m repairing my body from years & years of damage from being obese. Whatever I use for hair loss(Hashimotos), Skin Care, Pain & Muscle Relief  I’ll share & sell very soon❤️! We’ve been working on a lot for you guys! We want to cater to every aspect of obesity! The chafing, skin discoloration, etc! Bodied Gear for All Shapes & Sizes💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽& to promote FITNESS FOR ALL! It’s been a one-man show, for the most part, these last few years, but thanks to you guys’ support you will see improvements in the business very soon! You all have made a way for my family and we Thank You❤️!!We don’t just sell the brand, WE ARE THE BRAND💪🏽🗣LETS GET IT‼️#BodiedBabe Follow and shop with us @thebodyfixstore on IG Web:

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