Bodied Babe Newsletter Aug 2020
Bodied Babe Newsletter Aug 2020
Bodied Babe Newsletter Aug 2020

Happy August Bodied Babes! Check out this awesome prayer & August fitness tips! Say tuned for Cardio Dance Routines! Some of the hottest choreographers around the country have put together workout routines just for our audience!  

Bodied Babe August Prayer -

Father God, we come to you eager to listen and follow your path. Lord, we ask you to guide us through this weight loss journey. We come to you humble as we know how Lord. We pray for strength, patience, and motivation through this time of transformation. Lord, let us not use the words, “I'm going to try and lose weight”.  By using those words, we are already doubting ourselves. Failure is not an option!  We can & we will! Father God, We pray for the kids as they prepare to go back to school in class or virtual. Protect our children from any harm or danger Lord. Let us as parents, instill in our kids, love, peace, and kindness! We ask that stress not overcome us during these times of uncertainty and change. Lord allows us to be consistent in our weight loss efforts during these times. To not be sidetracked by life’s circumstances. Thank you, Lord, we love you and we Thank you for all things.  In Jesus name, we pray, Amen


Have you tried our new Booty Bandz?! Check out these awesome workouts!





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