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Bodied Babe Accountability Beads drop at 9am

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maci creator of the body fix


Here are a few tips to get us started week 1. By Week 3 we'll have this routine down packed. The goal is to change your lifestyle.

Plan ahead. Jot it down & stick to it. 

Try to meet these goals each day this week. 


Our hot cream is by far our biggest secret to faster & long lasting results. Use it  daily with or without your garments. 


Hydrating is beyond important. I use fruit like watermelon to help me combat these crazy temps & maintain my results. 

 Shoot for 8 hours of sleep each night. 


Premium Material

We guarantee premium size inclusive garments designed with your body in mind.

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We guarantee fresh quality supplements. Handpicked herbs from one of the largest herb farms in the world. Made with your every day life in mind.

The Results Are Undeniable

98% see results week 1 of consistent use.

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